Timor Leste Children's Fund

Timor Leste Children's Fund

Life changing relationships

APRIL 2019

Friday 5th April - Saturday 13th April

  • Hera Medical Centre. Site establishment. Survey and peg out boundary. Drill post holes and drill brace holes.

Friday 12th April - Saturday 27th April 

  • Hera Medical Centre. Concrete fence posts and connecting the braces. Fencing mesh and straining wire. Installing one set of vehicle gates. 
  • Information pack is available for download. See link on the bottom of this page.

JULY 2019

Friday 5th July - Saturday 20th July

  • Project to be confirmed


Dates not yet confirmed



  • Mission trip fees - $2,450
  • Development Project - $1,000

Total cost of trip $3,450

The development project component is tax deductible.

Contact us for more details.




Trip Information Pack- April 2019   (377KB)
Trip Information Pack- April 2019