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Projeto Montanha Update

"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint" Isaiah 40:31

God is Good!

Hello everyone!!

Grace and peace!!

Even working with the reform in the base of Projeto Montanha, we have the opportunity to visit the far east of the island of Timor! It's incredible to see the people, the way that they live, the culture differences from one district to another! We had been in Tutuala and then went to islad of Jaco, considered the natural paradise of Timor! Arriving there we understood why! Really BEAUTIFUL!

The island is considered holy and because of this is totally desert! It's not even allowed to sleep in tends there! The mixture with poverty and the region, lack of Jesus, strange rituals and the lack of opportunities of the people, made us a little bit confused, but even so amazed with the God's creation and full of faith that His salvation can reach those people!

Updating the notices and the reasons to pray:

  • The Projeto Montanha is getting it's place in the community and this is amazing! We are having to deal with some situations about the land documentation where the project is located and we need your prayers so we can reach victory in the end of the process!
  • Lina's brother is fine. The bone "sticked" by itself in the wrong place, so our prayer is that he doesn't feel the pain that the doctor said he would have.
  • We had been in the inauguration of a small church in place with difficult access (Taurema) we were amazed how the Lord give growth when we do His work and how the difficulties become small in front of FAITH! Pray for our brothers from that place!
  • Pray for Marcelino and Elza, they have been facing a lot of difficulties and they had serious problems in their marriage. We need wisdom to give advice inside the culture and lack of liberty to follow the bible.
  • The dental equipment is on the way to Timor, ogt out from the dock of Santo (Brazil) on November 11. We're still walking to get the rest of the instruments and materials to the treatment! You can support the timorese and be part of it!
  • The program "Oven, Stove and Bread" is fine, through the boys of the scholarship SENAI. We are alreday in 4 districts (Ainaro, Aileu, Dili e agora Lequica) and we keep seeing the Oven as a DOOR for the bible! It's a bless from God! The plates are finishing! Soon we'll have to arrange new ones!
  • The ministration in the churches, Modules to pastors and studying are still being given! God is GOOD and the opportunities are being open day by day!
  • We're on the site of our partner TLC fund. Those dear australian brothers, felt in love with Timor and they have done what they can to bless the work of the missionaries here! They thank God about you, for the investment that you have done in our lives sending us to Timore, supporting and all we have done here!
    Pray for them so they can remain in the same vision of serve the timorese people through Projeto Montanha and others partners organization, and the NAME of the LORD be GLORIFIED IN EVERYTHING!

    As always, we miss you all a lot and we thank God to have you in Brazil and Australia praying and supporting our work here!

    With love,
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