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Projeto Montanha Update - 2015

Projeto Montanha

We enter 2015 with many activities in the project !!

We received two volunteers from Brazil, who worked during the month of January with our youth.

In partnership with the Catholic University of Santos - Brazil, UNTL - East Timor University, Ministry of Education of East Timor and the Projeto Montanha, apply the Career Interest Test in 29 young people.
The volunteer Sara Cianelli, who is a psychologist did a brilliant job!


Most Aileu young people do not know the immense diversity of professions have in the world, and do not know themselves, their gifts, talents and potential. Therefore, they had the opportunity to study on the various professions, know themselves and so be able to DREAM and choose for their future!

Each youth received every day the delicious meals of Lina and kitchen staff, and hygiene kit and several other little treats !!


Leticia, the other, volunteer, studies Fashion in Brazil, brought a lot of what she has been learned at the University to organize our sewing course. She gave an intensive course, starting with the teaching of the use of electric sewing machine, which was new to all women in the training.


We started with women who are already part of the Projeto Montanha, because who stood out is the instructor of the next group.
Leticia set up the course with all well detailed steps and easily so that even those who do not have much coordination can learn!

The result was many dish cloths, bags and travel bag made with simple material but that will soon receive the Projeto style and will be sold in our little store in Aileu!


During the month of January, we opened the inscriptions of Portuguese courses, art, cooking class and crafts.

Thank God our classroom, built with the support of the Church of Ballarat through Yooralla, is ready, and the environment is suitable for the development and learning of our young people !! What a GOOD God we serve !!! Although our hearts are grateful to the Lord that doubled our capacity of the courses, we have a huge waiting list.


In 2014, we work with full-time team of 9 young of the Projeto plus the average of 43 young people in courses for a total of 52 young people participating in the Projeto each month! Of these 14 are part of the Income Generation through crafts, art and food production.


From Income generation, our young people have gained through Mountain Project:

Inu - built a bathroom inside his house with tiles and a water tank.
David - bicycle
Angela - computer
Marciana - computer
Eugenia - motorcycle
Catarino - refrigerator


This year 2015, we are a team of 11 young full-time, plus the average of 77 youth and women in courses and training!
More than 80 young people participating in the Projeto every month.

WOW !! This is so amazing and exciting! The Income Generation also grew !! Now there are 19 girls and women getting decent wages for their families and developing the talents that God himself gave each !!

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