Timor Leste Children's Fund

Timor Leste Children's Fund

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Current Programs

School Sponsorship Programs:

  • Kids Ark School- Hera
    Kids Ark has established two preschools and one primary school in Hera catering for 400 children up to Grade Six. 


  • Shallom School- Dili
    Shallom School in Dili provides education for 600 young people from
    Kindergarten to Grade nine high school.


Community Development Programs:

  • Children Living With Disabilities- Liman Hamutuk Centre
    Kids Ark at Hera provides a full range of disability services for families in the Hera district, with a disability Centre called "Liman Hamutuk" which means "holding hands together".


  • Children’s Health Program- Sidara and Lebutum Medical Clinics
    Kids Ark also run a medical clinic in the nearby villages of Sidara and Lebutum. The Sidara medical services and birthing clinic provides pre and post natal care and healthcare. The recently finished Lebutum clinic, in the mountains of Metinaro, will provide much needed healthcare to this village.


  • Children’s Residential Care Program- Casa Vida
    Casa Vida cares for children by providing residential care and professional recovery programs for child victims of domestic violence and abuse.


  • Community and Youth Development Programs - Projeto Montanha
    Projeto Montanha in Aileu district provides education and accredited training programs, health, hygiene and nutrition programs, dental health via a fully equiped dental clinic, a number of women's coorperatives and currently developing in the areas of hospitality and the arts.


Lebutum Medical Clinic


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