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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does TLC Sponsorship last?

We encourage a long term commitment to the TLC Fund Children’s Sponsorship Program, just as the TLC Fund has made a long term commitment to our Timor Leste Partners and the communities they serve. However, you are not locked into any contracts and we realise that circumstances change. If you can no longer continue your sponsorship, please advise us before the next payment is due and we will find a new sponsor as quickly as possible.

Can I get a tax deduction for my sponsorship donations?

All donations of $2 and over made to Australia are tax deductible, including sponsorship payments. You will receive one Annual Tax Statement at the end of the financial year, which will outline every donation you have made with a receipt number for taxation purposes.

How often are payments due?

TLC Sponsors have the choice of paying monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. You can choose to make automatic payments via

• Direct deposit
• Cheque

This is the most cost effective way to pay your sponsorship and eliminates a lot of paperwork and data processing.

As a TLC Sponsor, how does my support help?

Sponsorship contributions support the community development activities that are run by our Timorese partner groups with whom you are connected. This support allows the whole community to have the opportunity to take part in training development programs, education, healthcare and other initiatives to transform their quality of life. Our partners work closely with all the members of the community to identify the needs and the appropriate ways to meet them. 

How are funds sent?

TLC Fund works directly with our Partners. Funds are forwarded regularly to our partners who implement the program activities. They also send us regular reports and financial statements and their books are audited annually.

Can I write to the Child?

Yes, however all letters and postcards must come through the Timor Leste Children’s Fund Australian office (3 Rufus Avenue, Glenwood NSW 2768)
clearly labelled with your sponsor ID and your sponsored project. The letters and postcards will then be forwarded to the relevant Partners.

What do I do if my personal information changes?

If your personal details, such as address or banking details change you can change your personal information by:

a) Emailing the TLC Fund: admin@tlcfund.org.au
b) Telephoning the administration office on +612 8883 4360
c) Sending the details to TLC Fund Administration, 3 Rufus Avenue, Glenwood NSW 2768

Sponsor a Development Project

You can help provide them with hope and future.

The Timor Leste Children's Fund is a partner of the Yooralla Overseas Development Fund, an Australian accredited charity that seeks to serve into community focused humanitarian development projects.

Yooralla is an AusAid approved organisation and Australian donations are tax deductible.

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