Timor Leste Children's Fund

Timor Leste Children's Fund

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Partner: Hands Inc

Website: www.hands.org.au

Help and Nurture Developing Societies (H.A.N.D.S) Incorporated is not for profit organisation that wishes to assist the peoples of the world for the relief of proverty, starvation and disease. This will eventually help them to develop their own future.

There is so much more to be done in the world. Our group have built a Pre School at Sidara, Timor - Leste and were the driving force in getting the Pre School at Hera, East Timor started. After returning to Australia in 2005 it was decided that we needed to do more.

A registered group would be an important stepping stone. (H.A.N.D.S) Incorporated was formed. We are now growing at a steady pace and work is underway to raise funds and go out to do God's work.

We see there is work to be done all over the world and do see ourselves traveling to all destinations. If God calls we will be there.