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Partner: Kids Ark - Disabilities

 Liman Hamutuk 

is a disabilty centre in Hera - East Timor for the support and care of the disabled members of the local community.

LIMAN HAMUTUK - meaning "holding hands together" is run by the registered non-profit NGO, KIDS ARK. Kids Ark works directly with the community leaders, parents and families in conjuction with the relevant Government Officials to provide a place where the community can be taught and encouraged to understand, respect and support disabled people. 

This is the only centre of its kind in the country, a place where all people can gather to learn, play and eat together as they share and support one another through the challenges life presents.

In a society where many disabled are shut away and shunned and the level of care is very low, Liman Hamutuk is assisting with food and hygiene needs, while providing a place for the disabled and their caregivers to learn and socialise with each other. 

During the week the centre is open and currently employs a physiotherapist and several care workers to help and support the families of the disabled to achieve the following:

  • a higher standard of hygiene, nutrition and improved health
  • solutions to other disability needs
  • aid the disabled to lead enhanced physical and emotional lives
  • educate the community by encouraging people to talk about disability issues and break down prejudices

Liman Hamutuk is also supported by volunteers who run fun lessons for the members and their families and can be seen once a week singing talking and laughing together before sharing in a nutritious meal cooked for them by the wonderful kitchen staff.

Your support is so greatly needed to keep this centre running and to allow them to provide the huge needs for this community.