Timor Leste Children's Fund

Timor Leste Children's Fund

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Partner: Kids Ark - School

Kids Ark is a registered NGO which was established in Timor Leste since 2003 to work with the poor in Hera, a coastal district stretching  to the foothills of mountains. Caring for the most vulnerable, Kids Ark has developed projects for child survival, improved healthcare, school education, nurture and development. 

Kids Ark runs two pre-schools and one primary school. Pre-schoolers graduate after two years and continue on through the primary school to Grade 6.

Kids Ark uses the national curriculum teaching in both Tetun and Portuguese. All their teachers are Timorese, and undertake regular ongoing training. Kids Ark endeavours to work together with parents and community to provide quality learning for the students and develop character, positive attitude and behaviour based on the word of God and the example of discipling by Jesus Christ.

In addition to providing quality education Kids Ark also supply a nutritious meal during the day to all 500 students. For some, this is the only meal they will eat that day.

Kids Ark also runs a Community Centre for children and persons with disabilities and a general medical and a birthing centre