Timor Leste Children's Fund

Timor Leste Children's Fund

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Vision, Mission and Objectives

Our vision is to share Jesus with the people of Aileu holistically by:-

  • Standing with people at their point of need
  • Loving people where they are, and
  • Connecting people with God through Jesus Christ


Our Mission and objectives over the next 2-3 years include:-

a. Establishing a Dental Care Clinic in Aileu

b. Develop and deliver Healthcare; Hygiene and Nutritional Education programs for community groups and schools

c. Commencement of the Montanha Stove and Oven Manufacturing and Installation Development Project

d. Mentoring and coaching the development of the Montanha Community Arts and Handicrafts Cooperative leaders

e. Progressively developing Youth Assistance Programs

f. Providing Employment Pathways Scholarships and Traineeships for young people

g. Serving local churches and pastors in their Ministries



Overview of Our Current Development Objectives


Healthcare and Educational Programs

a. Establish Dental Care Clinic in Aileu

  • Reconstruct and refurbish existing building in the town of Aileu
  • Invite Dental and Heathcare professionals to undertake short term and long term assignments
  • provide Dental Health education programs across the District

b. Health; Hygiene and Nutritional Education Programs

  • basic training in Healthcare and First Aid
  • personal hygiene programs and kits


Community Development


Undertake sustainable development projects with community groups to transform the lives of current and future generations. This could include access to micro financing assistance in business management and income generation.


Montanha Stoves and Ovens(Manufacturing and Installations)

  • Construction of Stoves and Ovens in family homers
  • Health education (eg. Smoke caused respiratory, eye, and other health issues)
  • Nutritional cooking and baking skills programs
  • Improved safety in the home (eg. Falling into open fires; burnt homes)
  • Improved environment impact (80% less wood used for looking, warmth in homes at night)

Montanha Arts and Handicrafts Cooperative

  • Group/Family based Community cooperative
  • Provision of business skills and technical education programs in Art and Handicrafts
  • Coaching and mentoring in the development of a sustainable business model


Family and Children’s Services

The portuguese words “despertar vocacoes” means to impact or awaken vocation; through education and by providing training for employment young people will impact the future generations in Timor Leste.

Youth Assistance Programs

  • Language courses in Portuguese and English
  • Relational and spiritual support


Employment Pathway Scholarships/Traineeships

  • Dental and Healthcare x1
  • Carpentry and construction x2 (Senai Polytechnic)
  • Stove construction and Installation x1
  • Arts and Handicrafts x1


Faith Community Development

Our heartfelt desire is to holistically come along side and serve into local Pastor and Churches in the district of Aileu in their ministry to families and children

Preschool and After School Programs

  • Providing curriculum, educational material, equipment and other resources
  • Mentoring and coaching Church leaders



Our Prayer Needs

A. Qualified Dentists who are available for short term, long term and permanently at the Aileu Dental Care Clinic

B. Healthcare Educational professionals able to develop training modules in the areas of

  • Dental Healthcare
  • Basic health, nutrition and hygiene
  • First Aid in the family home

C. Dental Equipment and Supplies

D. Volunteers and co-workers both short term and long term

E. Sponsors for our 5 proposed Scholarship/Trainees

F. “Church to Church” Ministry Partners who see themselves called to joining the journey

G. Specific prayers for Eduardo and Giselle Trucco as they lead Ministry, Mariana and Luiz, as they undertake studies in Australia in 2013


How can I get involved


A. Set Aside/Sent by:

  • Primeira Igreja Batista de Pouso Alegre (Brazil)
  • Comunidade luz do Mundo (Brazil)
  • Igreja Batista Nova Jerusalem (Brazil)

B. Partnering with:

  • Timor Leste Children Fund (9 Partners)
  • (“Church to Church” prayer need)

C. Supported by:

  • people in Brazil and Australia
  • You and me